• Fully restored to original factory standards

  • 2 year hardware warranty

  • Corporate and socially responsible remanufacturing

  • NSYS tools certified


    You know what your customers want. Top-notch smart devices, affordable pricing and unsurpassed warranty. Tech2Com offers fresh-out-of-factory quality iPhones at competitive prices. A winning deal, including outstanding support for your customers and your organisation.

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    The modern consumer wants to feel good about their choices in life. Flawless quality, sharp prices and carefree warranty are the bare minimum. Tech2Com offers iPhones that are all that, and more. Rigorously tested, fresh-from-the-factory. The one choice that’s better than new.

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    You care for your customers and employees alike. As do we. Our mission is to deliver iPhones comparable only to new, at a price point that will meet your companies budget and needs.

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Best quality remanufacturing to original standards

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Whether you are a retailer, wholesaler, distributor or a service based organisation, we are committed to providing you with the type of product you need and when you need it at a competitive price point.