Operators & retailers

Offering a great mobile experience has become almost imperative for any service-oriented brand. Modern consumers expect no less than uncompromised convenience at affordable prices. But most importantly, they need to feel good about themselves, and therefore the choices they make. Remanufacturing is Tech2Com’s novelty in the smartphone industry that covers it all.

  • – Fresh-out-of-factory, EU sourced iPhones and iPads at competitive prices;
  • – Care-free, 2-year warranty;
  • – Outstanding, friendly support for your organisation and your customers;
  • – An eco-friendly solution that for once costs less instead of more.

Unsurpassed performance

Tech2Com’s remanufacturing process guarantees unsurpassed performance, even compared to a brand-new iPhone or iPad. Every component is carefully checked and replaced if needed using high quality OEM parts.

Responsible sustainability

As a Dutch brand we invest in Corporate Social Responsibility recycling our waste and ensuring factories meet international standards. We know your customers value fair products and sustainability — quality we are committed to.