Tech2Com aims to deliver first class products that have been remanufactured meeting the same factory specs as any new iPhone or iPad, while recycling parts and materials to reduce waste to a bare minimum. That’s a claim that may seem easily made, so please allow us to substantiate.

  • - Firstly, our phones and tablets are sourced from carriers, distributors and retailers in Europe whose customers trade in their devices for new ones. We scan, register and test each device and every component, piece by piece.
  • - After that comes the selection process. Some parts always need renewal, like batteries for instance. These will be replaced with new ones. Other parts such as the casing will be renewed using state of the art glass polishing, re-anodizing, and colouring technologies. You won’t see a difference, because there is none.
  • - Lastly, every remanufactured iPhone is rebuilt, tested and tested again. Any device that passes, we seal in biodegradable boxes

International certifications

Tech2Com won’t compromise when it comes to quality and sustainability. The factory responsible for  remanufacturing our products operate according to international accreditations such as ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and R2:2013.

We believe everything we do should contribute to our  Corporate Social Responsibility. You can find more information on our efforts to build an eco-friendly and socially conscientious organisation on our Go Green page.

Warranty, support and innovation

Quality can’t exist without responsibility. That means warranty, support, and the ability to innovate. All of those commitments begin with understanding customers and consumers alike, listening to their needs and acting accordingly. It’s a partnership that we care about. In open dialogue we adapt to your objectives and the business challenges you face. How can we help you be successful? Where can we improve? We commit to partnering with our customers as the foundation for our common goals.

The same applies to our 2-year warranty and service level we offer. Our lines are open for any of your questions, comments and concerns.