Our story

Mission Statement

Tech2Com’s mission is to provide best-of-breed smart devices to end users at affordable prices, while reducing impact on natural resources and advancing sustainability of the consumer electronics industry.

In other words: we provide EU sourced remanufactured iPhones and iPads to fresh-out-of-factory state -- making them new again, while reducing waste. Offering a deal better than new at truly best-value price point for carriers, resellers, retailers, service organisations, and consumers alike. Including best-in-class support and outstanding 2-year warranty.

Interview Rafael Poeckling

This is something I wanted to do for a long time

“Everything about Apple is breathtakingly genius and sheer user delight”, Tech2Com’s founder and CEO Rafael Poeckling says. “Everything, except the lifecycle of their products. iPhones, iPads and even Macs are often replaced for no other reason than the newer model that has arrived.  Even though more than half of the technology inside has not lost a single nanosecond of its original power. It’s understandable from the consumers perspective, yet the paradox is that the world's best brand has one of the shortest product cycles.”

Investigating options
Poeckling set out to research how to give high-technology devices like iPads and iPhones a second life. He founded Tech2Com and investigated existing options, such as refurbishing. But the problem with refurbished handhelds is that the quality just isn’t predictable. “We soon found out”, Poeckling says, “that the only way to do it right is to actually remanufacture each device, replacing all parts that are subject to wear and tear.”

Waste of resources
“Of course, I understand why brands work like this. Every manufacturer knows some parts in their devices can’t reasonably be made to last for more than two years. So, they urge them to move on to their newer designs. But frankly, that’s a waste of perfectly good technology, not to mention valuable resources.”

Innovative ways
“This is something I wanted to do for a long time”, Poeckling continues. “Because it’s a trend that has been developing for decades, and I wanted to do something about it. To me this is just the first step. With Tech2Com we will continue to look for innovative ways to make the industry more sustainable. That’s a promise.”