MyScreenPROTECTOR Clear Carbon

€8,89 per film. Order 10 films and get the 11th film for FREE. MyScreenProtector ClearCarbon is a protection film for the body of the phone with unique carbon patterns. 

Delivery time: 3 – 5 working days.



MyScreenProtector ClearCarbon is a slightly matt protective film with a unique and outstanding carbon pattern that is perfect for any phone surface. It is transparent, does not cover the manufacturer’s logo and maintains the original look of the device. Its innovative material reduces fingerprints and smudges and minimises the visibility of scratches. You get one FREE film for every 10 ordered.

Full specifications

  • For the body of the phone
  • Unique carbon patterns
  • Template type: back & side (6,5″), back
  •  Installation type : dry (6,5″), wet
  •  Installation technique : BodyApp, BodyWetApp
  •  Type of template : detailed
  • Reduces fingerprints and smudges 
  • Reduces visibility of scratches
  • Increase resistance against damage
  • 10 sheets + 1 FREE for every 10 ordered