The Way We Contribute

Led by the need to contribute to a more sustainable world and economy, Tech2Com encourages recycling as a way of preserving the environment. 

But, how do we contribute exactly? 

Tech2Com takes on this composite and elaborate mission with great responsibility and duty towards its customers, stakeholders, and staff. Because of this, Tech2Com initiated a program that ensures the use of recycled material for all of our devices.   

Fasten your seatbelts and join our mission in making the world a bit more sustainable!

Tech2Com’s contribution to sustainability entails a step-by-step process, comprised of the following phases:

  1. Collection
  2. Factory assembly
  3. Testing
  4. Guaranteed quality assurance
  5. Packing & Shipment
  6. Point of Sale

Through this End2End method, we guarantee our devices are manufactured following common sustainability guidelines.  

Initially, the consumer purchases a new device, often by exchanging his old one. To enable this process, Tech2Com collaborates with several product sources, including buy-back partners and insurance companies.

Next, the device is shipped to a specialised factory  in Asia. Here, it is processed, checked, and repaired if necessary.   

All 90+ device components and functionalities undergo Quality Assurance tests using NSYS diagnostic tool. Through this rigorous process we ensure we maintain one of the lowest defective rates of refurbished goods of under 3%.

After the testing, the device is packed and shipped to the retailer. 

Finally, we want to ensure that all our customers receive a durable, sustainable, and reliable device that looks and operates as brand new and under a two-year warranty.

We invite you to join Tech2Com in empowering circular economy and putting our environment and communities first! 

We only get one world, so let’s make it sustainable and safer for us all! 

MyScreen CUT&USE

Protecting your iPhone from scratches and cracks is essential. As a result of the high demand for such products, the market offers a wide array of solutions – from soft and hard cases to screen protectors and tempered glass solutions. But often, these products are of low quality and even imitations. This is why Tech2Com has partnered up with MyScreenPROTECTOR to offer the highest class of screen protection products available on the market. 


Ultra-thin Skins, Wraps and Screen Protectors 

MyScreen CUT&USE is a range of high-quality protective films that can be cut using a special plotter to offer customised protection – so called skins – for any type of device (phones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, cameras, etc). It provides complete and compatible protection not only for the screen but also for the device back and sides. In addition, there are various protective films with different functional and aesthetic properties, fit to the diverse needs of your customers. 

We offer a start-up set comprising of the plotter (see image below), the software and licence, and the protective films. You’ll get the plotter, the software and licence for FREE! You only have to pay for the set of the protective films. 

The start-up offer ranges from BASIC ( Plotter 11″ and AppTool with 200 films, set for dry application) to EXPERT (Plotter 13″ +Tablet and AppTool with 200 films, set for wet and dry application).


How does it work 

To get a close up look on how you can use CUT&USE, please check  this video




  1. First, turn on the plotter, and start the app. 
  2. In the app, choose the model of the device you want to protect along with the product variant. You can cut a protection for any device available in the database, from a universal-size material.
  3. Scan the protective film QR code.
  4. Place the material in the plotter and start cutting! The cutting time will take 2 to 5 minutes. 
  5. Apply the protective film to your device. Your device is now ready! 


Antibacterial protective films

For the extra protection we all need in these times, we offer a new series of Bacteria FREE protective films that are guaranteed to keep your device SUPER-clean and germ-free:

  • DIAMOND GLASS edge FULL GLUE Bacteria FREE: Tempered glass enhanced with special antibacterial coating, which employs the micro polymer network, thus reducing almost 100% of screen bacteria. 
  • CRYSTAL EasyClean Bacteria FREE: Thanks to the use of a special antibacterial coating using ZINC OXIDE (ZnO), this PET film reduces almost 100% of microorganisms accumulated on the screen.
  • AntiCRASH Bacteria FREE: TPU film that reinforces screen damage resistance. Enhanced with a SILVER ION layer, the film increases the screen resistance by up to 5 times and reduces almost 100% of microorganisms accumulated on the screen.

MyScreenPROTECTOR is a leading European company offering a wide selection of glasses and films to protect screens and products that secure the entire surface of mobile devices. In addition, MyScreenPROTECTOR offers a complete range of antiseptic cleaning and protection products.

As a partner of MyScreenPROTECTOR, Tech2Com offers you a tailored solution for your company or shop, through which you can customise the protection of your customer’s device. CUT&USE is henceforth an excellent upsell to a phone purchase or repair providing you with a healthy margin of up to 60%. 

Contact us today for more information and prices on or call us on +31 (0)20 2149177.

Corona update

Dear customer,

Due to the recent coronavirus outbreak, we would like to make you aware that you may experience longer processing times and shipment delays. We want to ensure your safety and wellbeing during these times. With that being said we have created a safety protocol to ensure your safety during delivery. Not only we, but also the logistic companies that deliver our products are taking their precautions. You will find a list of our logistic partners below together with their temporary measures. Our webshop remains open as usual, and if you have any questions regarding your order and shipment you can reach us on: +31 (0)20 2149177 or

Signature without scanner
DPD has chosen not to request a signature for all deliveries. This means when a recipient has not received a Predict notification, the delivery person enters a code on the scanner and takes a photo of the front door with house number. Due to the combination of the code, photo and GPS location, there is sufficient proof of delivery.

Parcel pickup shop
Due to the measures taken by the government, the closing of catering establishments and in some countries retail, we are dealing with closed parcel pickup shops. The number of closings is still limited in the Netherlands. This applies in the following countries: Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia. We advise you, if possible, to address as many packages as possible directly to the recipient. Check our website for the complete information, via

Of course we will follow this closely and in the next update we will explain how we deal with packages that are on their way to closed shops.

Overview status by country
Parcel delivery is still possible in all countries, but in some countries there are certain exceptions.

The following exceptions apply:

Postal codes where no delivery is possible: 6553, 6555, 6561, 6562, 6563, 6580, 9844. For the other zip code, address parcels directly to the recipient if possible.

Deliveries to business customers are only very limited. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient

Czech Republic
Postcodes where no delivery is possible: 78321, 78324, 78391, 78401

Possible delays due to border blocks of Luxembourg and Poland. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.

Saturday deliveries no longer applicable. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.

Package shipments possible, only delays can be caused by border controls. Expect delays to 1 to 2 days. If possible, address packages directly to the recipient.

Possible delays due to Copenhagen airport not being accessible.

Possible delays due to border barriers in Austria

If there are new developments on the coronavirus and our services, we will keep you informed as soon as possible.

Coronavirus: Tips for Staying Hygienic and Safe when Using Your Tech Devices!

Coronavirus: Tips for Staying Hygienic and Safe when using your tech devices!

In the midst of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, nothing is more important than taking necessary precaution measures. According to the World Health Organization, the easiest way to do this is by keeping the hygiene optimal, whether at your home or workplace.
To stay as protected as possible, below we answer some of your main coronavirus questions and share all instructions on how to prevent the virus from spreading.

How contagious is COVID-19?
The coronavirus spreads super-fast from one person to another. The virus travels through air, and can be contagious when an infected person breathes, talks, coughs or sneezes in your proximity.

How much has the virus spread?
The virus initially originated in Wuhan, China, and has now spread to over 130 countries worldwide. The WHO has declared the virus a pandemic and recommends self-isolation to avoid possible contamination.

What are the symptoms?
Sadly, the coronavirus symptoms take from two to 14 days to appear and include fever, dry coughs, shortness of breath, and fatigue.

How to stay safe?
Aside from self-isolation, the WHO recommends washing your hands for 20 seconds a time, or by using the surgeon wash method. In doing so, avoid touching your face and having contact with people, especially those who still go to work.


How do I keep my electronics clean?
When trying to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, it is crucial you also keep all electronics clean to use. Even if working from home, keep in mind that electronics, such as your laptop and phone, contain 400 times more bacteria and germs than the average toilet seat. To clean them properly, here are several tips to help you do so:
· Power off your laptop or phone, and once turned off, use a clean microfiber cloth to wipe the screen.
· Use a Lysol disinfecting wipe to remove any scuffs or fingerprints from your devices. Don’t use the wipes to clean the device’s open ports or speaker openings. If you don’t have a Lysol wipe, you can use any type of cleaning wipe that contains 70% alcohol.
· After your screen has dried off, wipe the devices once more using a disposable microfiber cloth, thus removing any germs left behind.
· Wash your hand thoroughly for 20 seconds when done.



Here are a few other ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus when at your workplace or out in town:

· Avoid handshaking or being in close proximity to other people. Greet and say thank you with a Namaste (press your palms together).

· Use an antibacterial gel to clean hands when going out.

· Cough in your elbow, rather than in your palm.

· Disinfect workplace surfaces, such as tables, desks, doorknobs, and desk items.

· Ventilate your office space often, and hold meetings in a ventilated room or outdoors.

· Don’t take long when shopping at a grocery store or the pharmacy.

· If one of your family members is ill, isolate them in a separate room, and only have one family member look after them.

· Don’t hang out in groups of more than 3 people.

· Limit your use of cash, and opt for a credit card instead.

· Avoid attending larger events and using public transport.

· Use a tray and disposable cutlery when eating, whether at home or work.

Last, but not least, the prevention of the coronavirus begins with practicing social responsibility and awareness – so let’s be conscious of our actions to keep yourself and your community healthy!

How Does Buying Remanufactured Electronics Benefit You?

In today’s tech-driven world, nothing sparks a bigger debate than the need for recycling and implementing sustainability. As technology continues to grow, so do the initiatives to restore and remanufacture electronics —a mission already enforced by countless companies worldwide.

While buying new electronics seems to be an ongoing trend, there is something to be said about the importance of using remanufactured devices, too.

Not only do remanufactured electronics aid in protecting the environment, but these also represent a revolutionary and conscious way of redistributing electronics at a fairer price – now known as the circular economy.

From remanufactured iPhones and MacBooks to iPads, electronic accessories and spare parts, the process of reinventing tech products in a safe, optimal and economy-boosting manner counts as a huge plus for your business.
But, what does the process of refurbishing and remanufacturing electronic devices entail?
Glad you asked.

What are Refurbished Electronics?
Refurbished electronics are devices that have been returned to the original manufacturer for re-optimization and reinforcement. Typically, refurbished products undergo a number of tests, including performance and functionality assessments, among others. During the process of refurbishing, all devices are inspected for potential faults and irregularities and are then repaired, retested and, ultimately, resold at a much lower price.

Not be mistaken for ‘used’ electronics, refurbished products are not always used before they are sold. However, refurbished devices could show certain defects and flaws, and upon being returned to the manufacturer, these are repaired, reevaluated and finally, relaunched on the market.
And while refurbished products stand for affordability and a certain level of quality, it is remanufactured products that get the upper hand, with a remanufacturing process done at a higher standard and with greater precision.

Tech2Com Premium product range
Tech2Com’s refurbished electronics are scaled in accordance with a standard grading system, which includes the following three grades:

As New– remanufactured electronics labeled As New come in an excellent, near mint condition.
Very Good – Very Good refurbished electronics are in a very good condition, showing minor user wear and tear.
Good – good refurbished products come in relatively good condition. These can be either older models resold at a lower price, or devices that show noticeable traces of earlier usage. Nevertheless, good refurbished products are completely functional and perform at a high level.

What are Remanufactured Electronics?
The process of remanufacturing electronics, rather than refurbishing them, is far lengthier and more refined.
Unlike refurbished devices, remanufactured products are actually entirely checked and if needed, rebuilt to match the specifications from the initially manufactured product. In addition, remanufactured electronics undergo a through-and-through performance diagnostic tests , during which the parts in need of repair are fixed, restored, or replaced in accordance with the product’s original specifications. Tech2Com does this using NSYS Tools diagnostic software, with which our products are tested across 93 components and functionalities.

Considered a far more favorable option, remanufactured electronics work just as good as brand new products, and allow you to make the most of your device in terms of sustainability, performance and quality.

Tech2Com: Remanufactured Electronics Built with a Purpose!
By using the As New grading scale, Tech2Com represents a leader in remanufacturing personal-and-business use electronics, including iPhones, iPads, MacBooks, as well as a line of accessories and electronic parts.
With an abundant catalog of available high-performance products, Tech2Com makes it its mission to introduce remanufactured products at affordable prices and in top quality.
If you wish to know more about Tech2Com and our products, please give us a call or send us an email- we will be happy to answer all your questions!

16 inch MacBook Pro Review: Apple’s Technological Jack of All Trades!

In a recognizable fashion, Apple introduced its brand new 16in MacBook Pro with a bang!
The long-awaited 16in MacBook Pro is the new and improved version of the 15in MacBook Pro, with a few key differences. Instead of using their traditional development methods for the creation of the 16in MacBook Pro, Apple finally decided to put its users’ ideas and suggestions into practice.

The end result? A faster, high-performance laptop, mainly intended for power users in business and industrial sectors.

The 16in MacBook Pro is superb for personal use as well, but with prices varying from €2,699 to €4,199, some customers might find it salty.

Nonetheless, consider this saltiness justified as Apple’s new machine is a technological force to be reckoned with!
Implementing its major improvements in the keyboard, sound system, and battery longevity, the 16in MacBook Pro is a heavyweight technological renaissance.

The Changes that Make a Difference

Without alternating the laptop’s unique design, Apple still incorporated several major changes in terms of size, heaviness, and thickness.
Namely, the new 16in MacBook Pro is 8.6mm wider, 0,7mm thicker, 170g heavier and 5,2mm deeper. Moreover, the 16in MacBook Pro provides several revamped keyboard mechanisms, a super-endurable battery, and a six-speaker sounding system with enhanced microphones and new speaker fronts.

A Remodeled Keyboard

It’s no secret that Apple’s keyboard has been problematic for a number of users, so this time around, the company took a whole new approach in redesigning it. Steering away from its earlier butterfly pattern, the 16in MacBook Pro’s new ‘magic’ keyboard has firmer keys, inverted T-arrangement direction arrows, an independent Touch ID scanner, and ESC key now separately located in the upper left corner.

The Bigger the Screen…

An inch bigger, the 16in MacBook Pro offers a higher-resolution screen, additional lighting settings, and a fancier display.

A Hard-Wearing Battery

With the new 16in MacBook Pro, you will never have to worry about battery life again! The new model has a 100Wh battery, 20% higher than its standard 83.6Wh battery. Ideal for high-gear professional performance, Apple’s new battery will serve you for up to nine hours!
However, even despite the necessary changes, Apple’s 16in MacBook Pro still kept the headphone socket, the four Thunderbolt 3 ports, and its ever-practical trackpad.

The Specifications

Screen: 16in LCD, 3072×1920 (226 PPI)
Processor: 9th gen. 6-core Intel Core i7 or 8-core Intel Core i9
RAM: 16GB, 32GB or 64GB
Storage: 512GB, 1, 2, 4 or 8TB
Graphics: Intel UHD 630 + AMD Radeon Pro 5300M or Radeon Pro 5500M
Operating system: macOS Catalina
Camera: 720p FaceTime HD camera
Connectivity: Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5, 4x USB-C/Thunderbolt 3, headphone socket
Dimensions: 245.9 x 357.9 x 16.2mm
Weight: 2kg

The Downfalls

Given the obvious boost in performance, Apple’s 16in MacBook Pro price can be one of the cons of buying it in the first place. As for additional disadvantages, the 16in MacBook Pro still does not feature an SD card slot, legacy ports, user-serviceable RAM or storage, and Face ID.

All things considered, make no mistake, the 16in MacBook Pro screams top-notch quality, endurance and lasting performance, an unbeatable combination that completely transforms your professional customer experience!

Still Got a Great MacBook on Your Mind?

If the 16in MacBook pro exceeds your budget, we still have what you need!
Check out our premium remanufactured MacBook Pros with two year warranty from €695;-

CES 2020: The Ultimate Tech Trends to Keep an Eye On!

Expectations were higher than ever at the CES 2020 event held in Las Vegas last week, and for all tech geeks out there, the show did not disappoint!
The biggest tech spectacle of the year featured some of the most influential brand names of the day, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Acer, Sony, OnePlus, Dell and more!
With a promise of launching the most advanced technological solutions yet, the show offered a glimpse into a rich catalogue of products and services intended for personal and general use.
Smart technology has once again taken the world by the storm, so let’s dive into the latest tech revelations that marked this year’s CES show.
Biometrics are Becoming a Real Thing
For the first time ever, the CES 2020 allowed their attendees to use personal face recognition ID badges. With that, the event put an emphasis on the development of the latest biometrics technology that will undoubtedly make part of our day-to-day lives. From smart locks to facial recognition when using tech devices, the idea of ‘fingerprint-free’ biometrics is finally putting artificial intelligence into practice.
Sustainable Solutions
At the CES 2020, eco-conscious companies presented several solutions that strongly focus on sustainability and environmental preservation. The center stage was mainly taken by a handful of startup companies, which presented smart and eco-friendly innovations such as beach-cleaning robots and smart rooftops that turn water to solar energy. Among the key presenters was also John Deere of Deere & Company, who aims to reduce chemicals used in farming, and replace livestock meat with a plant-based simulation.
Regaining Privacy
Privacy protection has become a large-specter issue for many personal and corporate entities. With the intention of bringing privacy back to its respectful users, tech moguls such as Facebook, Global Privacy and Apple talked through the essential California SB-327 law, laying out the methods that will help reinforce privacy regulations for smart-phone users worldwide.
The arrival of the 5G Network
Faster speed, easier connections, even a boost in the economy – is there anything the 5G can’t do? It is without a doubt that the CES 2020 show was largely centered around how 5G networks can improve our overall tech experience. Currently, there are about 50 different 5G networks operating worldwide, a number that is expected to drastically grow in 2020 alone. Aside from the aforementioned, the use of 5G networks is expected to result in a technological boom, for both personal and corporate users.

Reinventing Device Use
CastAway, a global company that alleviates the use of both IOS and Android operated devices, has successfully presented their idea of using a two-screen tablet or phone, as a way of facilitating everyday tasks, maximising productivity, as well as enhancing your gaming experience.
Apple Does It Once Again!
If you were surprised to hear the leading tech brand has a handful of aces up its sleeve, don’t be. Dignifying their purpose of enriching the tech industry with smart, creative and practical innovations, Apple claimed the figurative throne at this year’s CES show.
In addition, the company presented a number of brand new developments including:
· The Apple Watch, which will also be used to monitor sleeping patterns.
· Two new sets of AirPods with chargeable cases included.
· The first 5G network phone.
· The long-awaited iPhone 12, available with both 4G and 5G networks
· 3D camera iPods.
· An iPhone accessory that helps you track lost items.
· The first-ever smart AR glasses.
· A multi-purpose service package, comprised of Apple TV, Apple News+ and Apple Music.
· A budget-friendly Home Pod
· A boost in iPhone photography quality, after the company acquired Spectral Edge, a company specialising in infrared technology and smart machine learning.
In addition, the CES 2020 also made room for presenting a handful of other tech developments, including smart streaming services, transportation solutions, intelligent travel platforms, as well as advanced tech sensors.
With several products available for immediate purchase and others ready to be launched in the year(s) to come, the CES 2020 definitely put on a show worth keeping up with!

CES Las Vegas

In just a few days it is time for the CES conference in one of the most colourful cities of America: Las Vegas. We catch up on what you can expect from the biggest consumer electronics show.

CES is the world’s gathering place for all of those who thrive on the business of consumer technologies. It has served as the proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies for 50 years — the global stage where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.
Owned and produced by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA)®, it attracts the world’s business leaders and pioneering thinkers.
Last year over a 175k people visited the show whilst over four thousand companies exhibited. The expectations are no less for this year.

Here are a few topics to look out for if your attending the event:

5G networks: Since the first commercial launches of the fifth generation of mobile networks in late 2018, 5G networks have continued to be rolled out all over the world. The top countries with 5G include South Korea, the United Kingdom, Germany, and the United States and 2020 is expected to be the year other countries make their switch.

Sustainability, resilience and smart cities. Sustainability was one of the most searched terms in 2019 and 2020 doesn’t look to be any different. It’s predicted environmental science, smart cities and resilience will be hot topics.

Robotics & Machine Intelligence: Robotics, drones, artificial intelligence. AI and robotics are becoming more intertwined, resulting in more capabilities, new applications, and the need for greater understanding. This is expected to be a big theme in the upcoming conference.

Advertising, Entertainment & Content: Entertainment, content, Marketing and advertising. For businesses, marketing is crucial to generate sales. The last decade has seen marketing shifting from traditional channels to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. But with Facebook usage in decline, social media is expected to be a hot topic. Will Instagram continue to see its popularity surge? Which platforms will emerge as winners?

If you are a reseller or distributor and also attending CES, then our CEO Rafael Poeckling would love to meet with you. Contact Rafael for an appointment by

Tel: +31651155555

Happy holidays! 🎄🎁

It’s been a terrific year – one that we have had the fortune and pleasure to share with you! On behalf of our entire team we would like to thank you for your continuous faith and dedication in our company.

We wish you, your team and your loved ones a Merry Christmas and a year full of happiness and success!


Best wishes,