The Way We Contribute

Led by the need to contribute to a more sustainable world and economy, Tech2Com encourages recycling as a way of preserving the environment. 

But, how do we contribute exactly? 

Tech2Com takes on this composite and elaborate mission with great responsibility and duty towards its customers, stakeholders, and staff. Because of this, Tech2Com initiated a program that ensures the use of recycled material for all of our devices.   

Fasten your seatbelts and join our mission in making the world a bit more sustainable!

Tech2Com’s contribution to sustainability entails a step-by-step process, comprised of the following phases:

  1. Collection
  2. Factory assembly
  3. Testing
  4. Guaranteed quality assurance
  5. Packing & Shipment
  6. Point of Sale

Through this End2End method, we guarantee our devices are manufactured following common sustainability guidelines.  

Initially, the consumer purchases a new device, often by exchanging his old one. To enable this process, Tech2Com collaborates with several product sources, including buy-back partners and insurance companies.

Next, the device is shipped to a specialised factory  in Asia. Here, it is processed, checked, and repaired if necessary.   

All 90+ device components and functionalities undergo Quality Assurance tests using NSYS diagnostic tool. Through this rigorous process we ensure we maintain one of the lowest defective rates of refurbished goods of under 3%.

After the testing, the device is packed and shipped to the retailer. 

Finally, we want to ensure that all our customers receive a durable, sustainable, and reliable device that looks and operates as brand new and under a two-year warranty.

We invite you to join Tech2Com in empowering circular economy and putting our environment and communities first! 

We only get one world, so let’s make it sustainable and safer for us all!