MyScreen CUT&USE

Protecting your iPhone from scratches and cracks is essential. As a result of the high demand for such products, the market offers a wide array of solutions – from soft and hard cases to screen protectors and tempered glass solutions. But often, these products are of low quality and even imitations. This is why Tech2Com has partnered up with MyScreenPROTECTOR to offer the highest class of screen protection products available on the market. 


Ultra-thin Skins, Wraps and Screen Protectors 

MyScreen CUT&USE is a range of high-quality protective films that can be cut using a special plotter to offer customised protection – so called skins – for any type of device (phones, tablets, computers, smartwatches, cameras, etc). It provides complete and compatible protection not only for the screen but also for the device back and sides. In addition, there are various protective films with different functional and aesthetic properties, fit to the diverse needs of your customers. 

We offer a start-up set comprising of the plotter (see image below), the software and licence, and the protective films. You’ll get the plotter, the software and licence for FREE! You only have to pay for the set of the protective films. 

The start-up offer ranges from BASIC ( Plotter 11″ and AppTool with 200 films, set for dry application) to EXPERT (Plotter 13″ +Tablet and AppTool with 200 films, set for wet and dry application).


How does it work 

To get a close up look on how you can use CUT&USE, please check  this video




  1. First, turn on the plotter, and start the app. 
  2. In the app, choose the model of the device you want to protect along with the product variant. You can cut a protection for any device available in the database, from a universal-size material.
  3. Scan the protective film QR code.
  4. Place the material in the plotter and start cutting! The cutting time will take 2 to 5 minutes. 
  5. Apply the protective film to your device. Your device is now ready! 


Antibacterial protective films

For the extra protection we all need in these times, we offer a new series of Bacteria FREE protective films that are guaranteed to keep your device SUPER-clean and germ-free:

  • DIAMOND GLASS edge FULL GLUE Bacteria FREE: Tempered glass enhanced with special antibacterial coating, which employs the micro polymer network, thus reducing almost 100% of screen bacteria. 
  • CRYSTAL EasyClean Bacteria FREE: Thanks to the use of a special antibacterial coating using ZINC OXIDE (ZnO), this PET film reduces almost 100% of microorganisms accumulated on the screen.
  • AntiCRASH Bacteria FREE: TPU film that reinforces screen damage resistance. Enhanced with a SILVER ION layer, the film increases the screen resistance by up to 5 times and reduces almost 100% of microorganisms accumulated on the screen.

MyScreenPROTECTOR is a leading European company offering a wide selection of glasses and films to protect screens and products that secure the entire surface of mobile devices. In addition, MyScreenPROTECTOR offers a complete range of antiseptic cleaning and protection products.

As a partner of MyScreenPROTECTOR, Tech2Com offers you a tailored solution for your company or shop, through which you can customise the protection of your customer’s device. CUT&USE is henceforth an excellent upsell to a phone purchase or repair providing you with a healthy margin of up to 60%. 

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