CES 2020: The Ultimate Tech Trends to Keep an Eye On!

Expectations were higher than ever at the CES 2020 event held in Las Vegas last week, and for all tech geeks out there, the show did not disappoint!
The biggest tech spectacle of the year featured some of the most influential brand names of the day, including Apple, Samsung, LG, Acer, Sony, OnePlus, Dell and more!
With a promise of launching the most advanced technological solutions yet, the show offered a glimpse into a rich catalogue of products and services intended for personal and general use.
Smart technology has once again taken the world by the storm, so let’s dive into the latest tech revelations that marked this year’s CES show.
Biometrics are Becoming a Real Thing
For the first time ever, the CES 2020 allowed their attendees to use personal face recognition ID badges. With that, the event put an emphasis on the development of the latest biometrics technology that will undoubtedly make part of our day-to-day lives. From smart locks to facial recognition when using tech devices, the idea of ‘fingerprint-free’ biometrics is finally putting artificial intelligence into practice.
Sustainable Solutions
At the CES 2020, eco-conscious companies presented several solutions that strongly focus on sustainability and environmental preservation. The center stage was mainly taken by a handful of startup companies, which presented smart and eco-friendly innovations such as beach-cleaning robots and smart rooftops that turn water to solar energy. Among the key presenters was also John Deere of Deere & Company, who aims to reduce chemicals used in farming, and replace livestock meat with a plant-based simulation.
Regaining Privacy
Privacy protection has become a large-specter issue for many personal and corporate entities. With the intention of bringing privacy back to its respectful users, tech moguls such as Facebook, Global Privacy and Apple talked through the essential California SB-327 law, laying out the methods that will help reinforce privacy regulations for smart-phone users worldwide.
The arrival of the 5G Network
Faster speed, easier connections, even a boost in the economy – is there anything the 5G can’t do? It is without a doubt that the CES 2020 show was largely centered around how 5G networks can improve our overall tech experience. Currently, there are about 50 different 5G networks operating worldwide, a number that is expected to drastically grow in 2020 alone. Aside from the aforementioned, the use of 5G networks is expected to result in a technological boom, for both personal and corporate users.

Reinventing Device Use
CastAway, a global company that alleviates the use of both IOS and Android operated devices, has successfully presented their idea of using a two-screen tablet or phone, as a way of facilitating everyday tasks, maximising productivity, as well as enhancing your gaming experience.
Apple Does It Once Again!
If you were surprised to hear the leading tech brand has a handful of aces up its sleeve, don’t be. Dignifying their purpose of enriching the tech industry with smart, creative and practical innovations, Apple claimed the figurative throne at this year’s CES show.
In addition, the company presented a number of brand new developments including:
· The Apple Watch, which will also be used to monitor sleeping patterns.
· Two new sets of AirPods with chargeable cases included.
· The first 5G network phone.
· The long-awaited iPhone 12, available with both 4G and 5G networks
· 3D camera iPods.
· An iPhone accessory that helps you track lost items.
· The first-ever smart AR glasses.
· A multi-purpose service package, comprised of Apple TV, Apple News+ and Apple Music.
· A budget-friendly Home Pod
· A boost in iPhone photography quality, after the company acquired Spectral Edge, a company specialising in infrared technology and smart machine learning.
In addition, the CES 2020 also made room for presenting a handful of other tech developments, including smart streaming services, transportation solutions, intelligent travel platforms, as well as advanced tech sensors.
With several products available for immediate purchase and others ready to be launched in the year(s) to come, the CES 2020 definitely put on a show worth keeping up with!