Today it is National Boss Day – a day dedicated all the managers of this world, celebrating their hard work and dedication and for being – in many ways – an engine of the global economy 

In honour of this day we created a few tips on how to strengthen your work relationship with your superiors and co-workers, therewith making your work even more pleasurable. 

  • Double check your work before you send it out. This signals your willingness to walk the extra mile – an essential stratagem for making your boss happy.
  • Be proactive. If you have nothing to do waiting on a new project or maybe a review of a previous one, you can suggest picking up work. This way you stay busy, and you feel like you’re being productive. Also your manager will see this as a positive, spotting you are not one who is content with sitting still. 
  • Give your colleagues compliments about projects you’re working on together. Everyone likes to hear when their doing something good, and it gives them motivation to keep working harder. Furthermore it creates a bond on the workfloor, making work even more pleasant. And who knows, you might receive a few compliments yourself! 
  • You know what they say: Communication is key. If you can communicate with your manager on the same level they are on, it can prevent a lot of miscommunication. Instead of emailing, use the phone, video or short, focused walk-and-talk meetings. 
  • Come on time. If you come on time, this will show how serious you are about your position. Of course there are always factors that can play a role if you arrive late, but try to reduce this as much as possible. 
  • Ask for feedback. If you don’t receive feedback about your work, your communication, attitude or interpersonal skills can’t improve. Our tip is to ask for feedback frequently and you can only grow as a result. 




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