The AR Revolution Starts Here

With iOS 11, AR (Augmented Reality) became available to hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users overnight, making it the biggest AR platform in the world.

Augmented Reality is a transformational technology that brings virtual experiences into the real world, changing the way we work and play. In 2017, Apple introduced ARKit 1.0 and overnight iOS became the biggest global AR platform, available to hundreds of millions of iPhone and iPad users.

Today there are already 3000 AR apps on the App Store.

Apple delivered the third ARKit update to developers at WWDC in June 2018, making it possible for AR apps like LEGO to include shared experiences that allow multiple users to play a game or collaborate on projects.

Apple calls AR “super powers for routine tasks.”

And Augmented Reality is incredibly useful for solving everyday problems. Repair a lift while the equipment provides a wear-and-tear report. Put a machine into your factory to see how it looks and fits in your space. Or navigate complicated spaces without ever looking at a map. Now, you can do things you couldn’t imagine before using Augmented Reality.

Whether for business or personal use, your iPhone and iPad is now your number one gateway to the new (and better) world of Augmented Reality.