It’s 10 Years of App Store

Happy birthday, App Store! When Apple introduced the App Store in 2008, it ignited a cultural, social and economic phenomenon which changed how people work and play.

Now, on its 10th anniversary, customers in 155 countries visit the App Store more often, staying longer and downloading more apps than ever before.

Having started with a mere 500 apps, by first quarter 2018 App Store offered more than 2 million apps. Apple estimated by September 2016, apps from the App Store were downloaded a cumulative 140 billion times. Those are impressive numbers by all accounts.

Why are apps so important?.

In 2016, the global mobile internet user penetration exceeded half the world’s population. Now the average daily time spent accessing online content from a mobile device, such as a smartphone, a tablet computer or wearable, exceeds 185 minutes daily among Millennials, 110 minutes for Generation X and 43 minutes a day for Boomers.

The most significant contribution in its first 10 years is how the App Store democratised software distribution and transformed how we provide software.  Software eats the world, the saying goes, as it does more and more in our lives and our work each day.

And it’s not just consumers using apps. In a mobile-centric world, a mobile app is a standard component of any business of all sizes. Companies want apps for their employees, for their suppliers, for their customers and for their business prospects.

With such demands, the App Store is ultimately a gigantic cloud service providing nearly unlimited utility to Apple devices.